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Manifactory for the Veneto's pavilion cover at Vinitaly

Manifactory designed  the cover of the pavilion of Venice at Vinitaly. The vector drawing technique has proved particularly congenial because of the need to characterize the large surface area -180meters- As the matter of fact a vectorial illustration allows producing infinitely large printable images with high definition.


Thanks to this technique Sossella David and Sara Penco could had drawn the largest grape texture that winds for 180mt of the pavilion length and leaves room for the beauty offered by the Veneto Region and symbolized by the wedges of color of the logo. The symbol views of choices territory were: Venice, the Arena of Verona, Valdobbiadene, the beach, Malcesine and the three peaks of Lavaredo.

A second reading level illustration shows the digital connections that, from the experience of sensory wine tasting, users can share online with the community.

"This operation is definitely a great opportunity of visibility for our agency and all the artistic movement of the vector illustrators.  This is what we are trying to demostrate with Gusto Robusto project: those who honed this drawing skills are able to express their vision in a complex and highly communicative subjects. That's why they worth to be treat like artists. We are also proud to have been able to give a visual form to the enological excellences of our region. Thank you, therefore, the Veneto Region and the Vinitaly." David Sossella

Waiting for the gallery here some pictures!

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