Sisley Belluno

Sisley Volley Subscription Campaign – Campagna Abbonamenti Sisley Volley is one of the most important volleyball teams in Italy and worldwide. This year it moves from the historical site of Treviso to Belluno, becoming “Sisley Belluno.” The subscription campaign portrays the players of Sisley, with the Captain Fei in the foreground, who arrive in the valley […]


Globus Magazine è un portale online che parla di bellezza e salute. Le rubriche rispecchiano i principali obiettivi che i prodotti aziendali permettono di raggiungere in campo estetico, sportivo e medicale. I contenuti sono riproposti nei circuiti social, distribuiti alla rete vendita in versione cartacea e riproposti sotto forma di RSS e pdf sfogliabile negli […]


Silvolley is an Italian volleyball team based in Trebaseleghe. Their rebranding uses bold colours and imagery reflecting the spirit, power and unity of the team. The logo is balanced, clean and professional yet also dynamic with a feeling of urgency and determination. Along with the main kit and the shirts and accessories for supporters, we also reimagined the corporate […]

Selle Royal

Selle Royal launches UP saddle art project to incite change on five social issues Commissions 25 internationally renowned illustrators, just three of each design to be produced Selle Royal has commissioned leading comic artists, product designers, graphic illustrators and animators from across Europe and America to create an exclusive set of 25 saddle-based artworks. The 25 artworks are the […]


Client: Elite Agency: Manifactory Illustrations: David Sossella Video: Matteo Reato Client: EliteAgency: ManifactoryIllustration: David SossellaVideo: Matteo ReatoMusic: Lorenzo Tomio

Sisley Volley

SisleyVolley in Champions Special team uniform sponsored by Griffitz Istanbul, 16 November 2010. Farina, a Sisley Volley player, play in Champions with the new team uniform for the first time. The shirt is designed by Manifactory for the main sponsor Griffitz. Also, the advertising’s concept and design are produced by Manifactory.