Development, ideas, collaboration.

TOGETHER pushes further the co-creation process by involving in one project as many people from the Society27 community as possible.
We asked our community to submit illustrations & ideas that were later voted on in order to choose the one that would make it to the next stage.
The most appreciated submission came from one of the finest illustrators out of Italy – David Sossella. He presented the idea in a simple way, yet through a very complex drawing, depicting 27 characters interconnected with one another as part of a whole. His very distinctive drawing highlighted the idea in a perfect way, pushing the project forward.
From there, we took the illustration and elaborated on it with Archabits, creating packaging prototypes and color samples.
Where this project continues, only time will tell…

Some of the finest ideas submitted (from top left): Robin Gurski , Nazmul Howlander, Mooij/Burocrata